Healing to Healthy Coaching Programme

Heal your relationship with food, break free from emotional eating & yo-yo dieting so you can create true health without restriction in 8 weeks.

Are you?
Sick of yo-yo or chronic dieting with little to no results?
Struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food?
Overwhelmed with negative self talk about yourself and your body?
Overeating as a way of coping with your emotions?
Ready to make changes and discover your best health yet?

My 1:1 Healing to Healthy Coaching Programme can help!

Work with me 1:1 for 8 weeks to transform your health by:

FINALLY let go of  yo-yo dieting and learn to really get in tune with your body and intuition when it comes to food 

CREATE a version of health that works for you and is actually sustainable

STOP OBSESSING over food and what you’ve eaten throughout the day so that you can concentrate on living a fulfilled and happy life

LEARN HOW TO COPE with your emotions so that you’re not turning to food for comfort

DEVELOP A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MOVEMENT so that you actually enjoy and have fun moving your body

LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY and feel happy and content in your skin 

GET YOUR LIFE ON TRACK heal other areas of your life and all the other aspects of health so that you can live a truly well rounded life

ADOPT a healthy lifestyle and reach your health goals without restriction or deprivation tailored to what YOU need



Continuously try new diets, which you never seem to be able to stick to and usually ends up in binge or emotional eating.

After each diet, end up feeling like a total failure, blaming yourself or your lack of ‘willpower.’

Feel like you’ve completely lost touch with listening to your body, or trusting yourself around food.

Can’t trust yourself around food, and fluctuate between being super strict to losing complete control.

Have negative self talk, and low self esteem or confidence which you can’t seem to shake yourself out of.

Know that another diet isn’t going to fix it, and you’re ready to get healthy holistically, and focus on not just food, but your body and mind too.

Are looking for a step-by-step guide to heal your relationship with food, and get your health back on track


Looking for quick fix to get ‘skinny’, with a meal plan, supplements or a specific set of rules to follow

Not open to trying new things or committed to doing the work on a deeper level to get to the root cause of the issue

You don’t see the programme as an investment of time and energy that could genuinely transform your life


“Having known for as long as I can remember that I was an emotional eater I was sick of going around and around in circles and never managing to break the cycle. I believe if I hadn’t joined the Healing to Healthy programme I would still be dealing with the same issues and making the same mistakes I’ve always made. Nothing could have stopped me from signing up once I heard about it. Prior to the programme I had tried calorie counting, different diets and various types of exercise but none of it made me feel the way I wanted to feel. The Healing to Healthy programme helped me to finally realise where I’d been going wrong and understand myself. The biggest transformation I have felt so far is my understanding of my hunger signals, cravings and the way I talk to myself about food. I feel happier, healthier and that my relationship with food is better than ever. I found the programme to be emotionally challenging but absolutely worth it! Sarah is so kind, compassionate and understanding. If you are an emotional or stress eater I recommend that you sign up today!”


How does it work?

The Healing to Healthy programme will take on a journey from emotional eater or yo-yo dieter to healthy, radiant & happy with my four step approach:  Root, Rebuild, Reconnect & Reinvent.


Here we explore your current beliefs around food & your body, where they have come from & how to rewire your mindset so that you can release these beliefs & move on with your healing journey. Getting to the ROOT cause of your health issues means we’re not filling cracks with bandaids, but we’re doing deep healing work which makes our new, healthier habits much easier to adopt. 

Struggling with negative inner dialogue? Judgmental self talk? Or self sabotaging behaviours? Can’t let go of diet mentality? Step 1 will help you to rewire all of this so that your new habits & mindset sticks & your transformation lasts a lifetime. 


Step 2 is all about REBUILDING your relationship with food by learning to eat intuitively, adopt mindful living & eating & restore your biological hunger and fullness cues. You will learn how to quit binge & emotional eating, along with practical steps to relieve stress & anxiety so that you’re not reaching for food every time ‘life happens’ & you have a self healing toolkit for when times get tough. 

In step 2 we focus on REBUILDING trust with your body so that you can feel guilt & shame free around all foods, hello food freedom! Here you will REBUILD your relationship with yourself by delving into creating a positive body image. 


RECONNECT with your body by learning how to navigate your cravings both physical & emotional. Here we tackle the EMOTIONAL part of emotional eating. You will explore finding your purpose, self-care, spiritual health & anything else that maybe getting in the way of you living becoming your healthiest self. 

In this section of the programme you will RECONNECT with your body by healing your relationship with exercise & learn to move intuitively so that you’re no longer dreading your workouts. 


Step 4 is all about reinventing YOUR version of healthy. We work together in creating positive body goals, movement goals & learning everything you NEED TO KNOW about nutrition so that you can build a version of health that’s sustainable & works for you. 

Here we explore; digestion & gut health, biofeedback such as sleep & mood, living intuitively with your menstrual cycle & creating a routine that promotes optimum health. 


Here’s my story…

 I wasted so many years of my life struggling with my relationship not only with food, but myself and my body. I missed out on amazing opportunities, and never felt present in my own life because I was so obsessed with what my body looked like and what diet was going to fix it. 

I continuously binged on foods that I knew I ‘shouldn’t’ be eating and felt like a complete failure, until I found the next diet that I was sure would save me from my despair. Even in other areas of my life I found myself totally defeated and feeling low. I thought that my health was reliant on my ability to stay ‘on track’ or my ‘willpower’. 

I knew I needed to make some MASSIVE CHANGES in my life

I finally decided to start the journey of healing my relationship with food and my body, BUT REALLY COMMIT TO IT.  It was scary and uncomfortable, but I can honestly say it was the BEST DECISION of my life, the journey was long and I did have challenges along the way, but my now my health is the BEST IT’S EVER BEEN, I love my body and I feel happier than I ever have before. I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach, specialising in emotional eating and food psychology and have made it my mission to help other women make this same transformation in their own health and life.

It’s so possible to make this transition, and that’s exactly why I created the HEALING TO HEALTHY programme, to show you HOW to get there.


“Honestly if you suffer from emotional eating or any kind of weird rules regarding your diet and health, Sarah Elisabeth is the person to set you on the path of freedom. I have learnt so much every single week about my physical and mental health. Intuitively listening to your mind, body and soul is greatly underestimated. The programme helped me understand the importance of what goes on in your brain has an effect on what goes on in your gut. What you think about yourself can affect what you fuel your body with. I am building a really healthy relationship with food and exercise. I have learnt to listen to my body, I actually stop and question what is body telling me right now.”

Samantha, uk

HEALING TO HEALTHY is the first step towards your life of freedom. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your life once you have FINALLY healed your relationship with food

We work together 1:1 with a weekly session to help you kick bad habits, ditch dieting, emotional eating & change any negative mindset issues around food and your body. We uncover where the work needs to be done and what limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Then we rewire the way you think about food, your body & exercise. You’ll learn to listen to your body, cope with your emotions & feel in control around food & confident in your skin. We look at implementing healthy habits that are TRULY healthy for YOU. No diets, no tracking, no calorie counting. Just sustainable practices that will set you up for long term success when it comes to your health.

The 8 week programme includes EVERYTHING you need, from the sessions, workbooks, meditations, planners etc. Everything is included!  

The programme’s modules span from;  learning to ditch diet mentality, to learning to cope with your emotions, the science behind cravings and how to navigate them and gentle nutrition to ensure that you’re nourishing your body.  

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“I was struggling with binge eating and with getting over old habits, the programme really taught me to rewire my way of thinking with a clear action plan on how to do that naturally, whilst listening to my body. I learnt how to see health through different eyes, rather than just counting calories or eliminating carbs, and I feel healthier than ever. I love my new life and I am excited to carry on my journey of personal development and health that works for me. “


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why work with you 1:1? Every human being is different, which is why it’s so important to get tailored support that’s specifically for you and what you need. This is why I am firmly against ‘cookie cutter’ approaches or plans that you buy on the internet with no prior consultation. The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that you get the right amount of support and it’s tailored to exactly what you need.
  • How much time will it take up? The coaching sessions are 1 hour per week, but you will also get a workbook to work through during the week. In some cases, when women really struggle with time, we have 2 coaching calls per month making the programme 12 weeks in length, this means you have more time if need be. However, everything is designed so that it can fit into your current routine and schedule with ease.


  • What is your coaching approach? My ethos around this area of work is that each individual is different, and it’s important that the coaching reflects that. With each client I work very deeply to not only change the ‘on the surface’ habits, but the deep rooted issues that may be causing destructive behaviour around food. I also have a very holistic approach, in the way that ensures a different meaning of health, rather than just calories in/calories out. We look at important factors that are often ignored such as; stress reduction, sleep, purpose, connection which all have a huge part to play when it comes to our health and wellbeing.


  • What if I have an eating disorder? Healing to Healthy is specifically designed for women who are looking to heal their relationship with food and start adopting healthy habits that don’t include restriction or dieting. So please do speak to your doctor if an eating disorder is something you are suffering with. I have worked with clients alongside their doctors/medical professionals as support and further personal growth and health, however, the treatment of eating disorders is outside of my scope of practice.

  • What if I have more questions? You are more than welcome to book a free call with me to ask any further questions about the programme. Alternatively, you can message me on Instagram or Facebook.